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Censorship-Circumvention Tools and Pluggable Transports

Cite as: 6 Geo. L. Tech. Rev. 335 (2022)

This Technology Explainer covers pluggable transports,1 an obfuscation tool that disguises a user’s network traffic to avoid certain traffic analysis and detection methods. 2 Pluggable transports are like plugins—the term refers to their ability to “plug in” and swap out, which affords developers and users the chance to try different circumvention strategies in the same app once one method stops working. 3 Software developers created pluggable transports in reaction to censors targeting and blocking anonymity tools used to circumvent censorship.4

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Dan Bateyko

Georgetown University Law Center M.L.T 2021; Middlebury College, B.A. in International & Global Studies 2016.