Policy makers have sought to ensure that Internet access is cost- effective, not unduly discriminatory, and of sufficient quality. To this end, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed the Open Internet Orders and the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. But has the FCC truly succeeded in meeting its goals? This paper argues primarily no. In place […]

Cryptocurrency is an attractive target for theft. This digital property is compact, portable, and subject to conversion by simply acquiring the private key, giving unfettered control to the key’s associated cryptocurrency. Crypto-theft may occur without any physical interaction with the true owner. Crypto-thieves are difficult to identify and—even when identified—are often out of the practical […]

Over the past decade, social media has increasingly become an essential part of Americans’ everyday lives. As of 2017, eighty percent of Americans had a profile on at least one social media platform. Not only has social media become extremely popular for typical users, it has also become a massive marketing tool for celebrities, athletes, […]

On December 15, 2016, China seized a United States Navy unmanned maritime system (UMS) in the South China Sea. The UMS, known as an “ocean glider,” was used by the Navy to gather oceanographic data in the region. Chinese naval personnel seized the UMS within sight of Navy research vessel, USNS Bowditch, and despite protests […]

Your personal information has already been stolen. Statistically speaking, that is. From 2005 to 2017, 7,674 data breaches exposed over one billion U.S. consumer records. While this statistic includes the eighty million Social Security numbers stolen in Anthem’s 2015 hack, it does not account for the 145.5 million Social Security numbers that were compromised in […]

INTRODUCTION: ANONYMIZATION USING TOR Between February 20 and March 4, 2015, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) administered and monitored a child pornography website in an effort to identify those who accessed the website’s illicit content. This website, “Playpen,” had more than 150,000 users worldwide. The FBI’s investigation was known as “Operation Pacifier.” […]

Introduction Mobile banking, digital payments, peer-to-peer lending, and e-commerce are no longer ideas drawn from science fiction. The rise of the internet has disrupted our notion of financial payments; we can now shop, invest, and manage our payments online. The emerging industry of financial technology (“fintech”) deepens and broadens the range of financial services that […]

I. Introduction Encryption, though once the narrow province of countries, commanders, and spies, has become widely commonplace. Akin to Prometheus bringing Zeus’s fire to common man, modern computing has made even the most advanced encryption seamlessly and transparently available to the masses. People of the modern world routinely utilize encryption standards strong enough to protect […]

Introduction – Creative Content Users Creating the New Regime Conventional copyright doctrine views copyright from a “top down” perspective where copyright holders possess the power and control over their exclusive rights, expecting potential users to seek permission for any and all protected uses. However, this viewpoint does not map onto what is occurring in our […]