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A Haunted (Smart) House: Smart Home Devices as Tools of Harassment and Abuse

Cite as: 6 Geo. L. Tech. Rev. 223 (2022)

The doorbell rings, but no one is there. The temperature in the home goes from extremely cold to extremely hot without anyone touching the thermostat. Locks change when no one is home or unlock without warning in the middle of the night. The refrigerator is mysteriously turned off, leaving all the food inside to spoil. Lights flicker on and off while music blares and people try to sleep. While these vignettes may seem like scenes from a horror movie, they are the lived experiences of survivors of Smart HOme facilitated Tech-abuse (SHOT).1

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Dana Holmstrand

Georgetown University Law Center, J.D. 2021; College of William & Mary, B.A. Public Policy 2015.