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Cloud Computing

Cite as: 6 Geo. L. Tech. Rev. 363 (2022)

Over the past two decades, cloud computing has transformed the technological landscape by increasing accessibility to and reducing the expense of online services. The technological underpinnings of the cloud begin with the Internet and its antecedents. Today, cloud computing affords the world distributed access to virtual assets, applications, and resources from anywhere in the world. While cloud computing is involved in almost all networked services,1 users are often unaware of the delivery models making these services viable. This technology explainer will describe cloud computing technology and its tradeoffs and examine the most common cloud computing delivery models and their functions before delving into the challenges and areas for further development.

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Cameron Koob

Georgetown University Law Center, J.D. Candidate 2023; Franklin and Marshall College, B.A. in Government 2016. Thank you to Emily Ehrlich, Susan Pratt, Ryan Hsu, and everyone involved for their hard work on this piece.