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JustFix and Building a 21st Century Tenant Rights Movement

Cite as: 5 Geo. L. Tech. Rev. 111 (2021)

JustFix is a non-profit organization that helps create technology to aid in the New York City (NYC) housing justice movement.1 For the last five years, JustFix has worked with tenants and housing advocates to co-design data driven tools to fight harassment and displacement in the NYC housing market. These tools range from information disseminating phone apps for tenants to data dashboards that aggregate open data for advocates and policy makers. Throughout the evolution of our organization, the core values that guide our mission and process have remained unchanged: to build with, not for, the communities we support; to use technology to augment, not replace, existing support services; and to leverage data to fight laws that perpetuate housing inequality.

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Georges Clement

Georges Clement is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of JustFix, a nonprofit that builds data-driven tools for tenants and organizers fighting displacement. He recently served on NYC Mayor Eric Adams Transition Team, and as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Human Ventures. He received a Master's in Public Policy, receiving the Cheng Fellowship and Kennedy Fellowship, at the Harvard Kennedy School. Previously, Georges was a Fellow with Blue Ridge Labs @ the Robin Hood Foundation and a Product Manager at General Assembly, leading the expansion of GA’s Business programs around the world. He is a New Yorker with a BA in Sociology and African Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and he has been selected as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Law & Policy, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and Aspen Institute Fellow.