Data’s Invisible Impacts: The hidden uses and consequences of data in the information age

On January 28, 2022 the Georgetown Law Technology Review held our biennial symposium on the hidden effects of data. A distinguished group of academics and practitioners met to share their experience and insight and have detailed conversations on data.

Data is everywhere. It is being collected in almost every industry and in every layer of government. While there have been many discussions about the automated decision making algorithms, there has not been enough investigation into the data itself, how it is collected, transferred in and out of the public sector, used in governance, and stored. As more data systems are built in all areas of life, we want to take a step back to explore the ever-growing collection and use of data and its hidden impacts. The symposium will explore these issues from a variety of perspectives.


Panya Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, Georgetown Law Technology Review

The Impact of Public-private Data Sharing on Law Enforcement

Moderator: Laura Moy, Georgetown Law
Sarah Lamdan, The City University of New York
Julie Mao, Co-Founder and Deputy Director of Just Futures Law
Rebecca Wexler, UC Berkeley

Governance with Data and Problems of Differential Access

Moderator: Tanina Rostain, Georgetown Law
Julia Lane, New York University
Margo Anderson, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Margaret Kwoka, The Ohio State University
Laura Edelson, New York University

Governance with Data and Problems of Democracy

Moderator: Julie Cohen, Georgetown Law
Craig Konnoth, University of Virginia
Brishen Rogers, Georgetown Law
Salomé Viljoen, Columbia University

Closing Remarks

April Doss, Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy