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Google, in a somewhat uncharacteristic move, has tenuously taken the first step in equipping the Department of Defense (DoD) with artificial intelligence (AI) technology for use in intelligence gathering. The U.S. government, already a substantial cloud user, is looking to the corporate technology sector for new systems and leaders in AI to partner with in […]

On February 15, 2018, Google announced that it would be removing the “View Image” button from its Image Search in an attempt to encourage users to directly visit the hosting website to download an image. The company stated that the changes were designed to strike a balance between serving user needs and publisher concerns. More […]

In October 2015, AlphaGO, an artificial intelligence (AI) programmed by Google’s Deep Mind, shocked the world by handily beating human-master Lee Sedol in a five-match series in the ancient game of Go—a game far more complex than chess. Since then, AlphaGo and its sibling, AlphaGo Zero, have dominated all challengers, proving that games like Go […]

The modern digital assistant has been in the works for decades. IBM introduced the Shoebox, a speech recognition machine that had a vocabulary of sixteen words, in 1962. Over time, speech recognition machines have evolved from the Shoebox to automated telephone support, and now they take the form of internet-connected devices such as Amazon Alexa, […]

In the immediate aftermath of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, false information spread rapidly across the internet about the perpetrator and the method of the attack. Online sources quickly attributed blame to a man later determined innocent; Google News spread misinformation and gave credence to unverified rumors for the online community. Websites such as […]

Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico’s cell tower infrastructure in September, severely limiting communications among those on the island. After the hurricane, 95.2% of Puerto Rico’s cell towers were down, meaning forty-eight of the seventy-eight counties had no service at all. There are 2,739 cell sites on Puerto Rico’s 13,791 square kilometers, an area roughly the […]

A man creates a religion where an artificial intelligence (AI) robot is an all-knowing god; though this sounds like the next science-fiction blockbuster, Anthony Levandowski is doing just that. Prior to this new venture, Levandowski, a former Google employee and master engineer, developed driverless car technology that was later purchased by Google Beyond his efforts […]

Top tech companies, including Facebook, Google, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and Intel, use arbitration clauses to bind employees to resolve workplace disputes through individual arbitration. On October 2, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in N.L.R.B. v. Murphy Oil USA, Inc., a case that could affect the rights of twenty-five million U.S. employees with arbitration agreements, and […]

For decades, web-based companies have had free rein to track their users’ activity online and sell the information they gather to third parties. That era may be ending soon. Apple and Google recently announced plans to incorporate new privacy software into their web browsers, which will severely limit the data web-based companies will be able […]