Symposium Announcement: Election Integrity in the Networked Information Era

With the 2020 election cycle in full swing, the Georgetown Law Technology Review and Institute for Technology Law and Policy are pleased to announce a symposium titled Election Integrity in the Networked Information Era.

Advances in technology are transforming how people across the globe engage with democracy. Opportunities for engagement and participation are expanding, but recent events highlight new threats to the integrity of democratic elections in a networked era. Our symposium will address many of these issues, including the networked media environment, voter suppression, voting and digital technology, and challenges in election regulation. Panelists include journalists, political scientists, technologists, voting rights advocates, election law scholars, and regulators.

The event will take place on February 7, 2020, at the Georgetown University Law Center, in Washington, DC. More information about the event, including a current program, can be found at

We hope that you have the chance to join us!